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An Inspirational new Christmas book from
the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In the tradition of A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices is a story that will make you smile...and make you cry...and make you want to read it again.

It was a perfect life. And it was hard for Eric Sanders to imagine how things could be any better.

So begins...Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices. It seems Eric has resolved all of life's major issues. But soon his world is torn apart. And it will take a miracle for Eric to find peace. "Christmas is a time of miracles," Eric assures a young boy. But will Eric be able to find a Christmas Miracle of his own? Buy from

Readers Comments

"I could not put this book down!  Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices is the
best Christmas story since It's A Wonderful Life!"

Tom McFarland,
Salt Lake City, UT

"This book made me cry and believe in miracles again.  And isn't it time
we all believed in miracles again.  I plan on reading it every holiday season
from now on."

Dorothy Fitzgerald,
Port Orchard, WA

"I loved Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices.  What a wonderful story!  What
will your next book be?  You have a lot to say about the ability of the
common person to influence the world through love, and about using misfortune
and even tragedy to discover new gifts--themes the rest of us need to hear
more often."

Susan Txurimaki,
Carmichael, CA

"Thank you for a lovely story!  I hope this book is the beginning of more
to come. I enjoyed the style of writing very much.  Keep up the good work."

Marlenene Bailey,
Moab, UT

"I have to tell you, I'm not much of a reader, and I lose interest easily.
  But this book held my interest from start to finish.  I think it will be
an annual story for me each Christmas."

Mary Padget,
Lafayette, IN

from Mark Victor Hansen:

"Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices has messages of
love and wisdom to make your heart sing with the
recognition of the miracle of life."

About the Author

The word that best describes John Allen is "communicator."  The author of numerous short stories and poems, he is also an award winning composer.  He has worked extensively in advertising and has been involved in several technical writing projects.

John Allen was born in Salt Lake City and has lived in Nashville and Sweden.  He is married and has four daughters.

Reading this information will give away certain aspects of the plot.  You may want to read this after you have read the book.
This book has changed people’s lives!

from John Allen:

Christmas is usually thought of as a season of joy.  But for all-too-many people is associated with person loss and tragedy.

I knew a lady whose son  -- a sensitive and troubled young man -- had committed suicide during the Christmas holidays.  For her Christmas was always a melancholy season.

Another acquaintance of mine had taken his daughters to a school Christmas program.  It was a wonderful night of songs and the spoken word.  After the program, they walked in the parking lot searching for their car -- a job made difficult by not only the darkness, but also a thick, foggy mist.  Coming from seemingly out of nowhere, a car struck down the two girls.  The car had not been going fast, but still the girls received serious injuries.  One daughter survived, the other died.  Besides being a tragedy for the family of the two girls, it was a tragedy for the young woman driving the car.  She was an exceptional student  -- on the honor role -- who had never been in any kind of trouble.  She had not been driving recklessly; she simple did not see the girls due to the fog.

While we were living in a small town, we became acquainted with two brothers.  They were wonderful young men who had a zest for life and never spoke an unkind word.  A week before Christmas, on a Sunday morning, they were traveling to a church service where they were going to sing as part of a quartet.  Their car hit an icy spot and went into a river which ran parallel to the road.  The boys were drowned.

Their family's response was remarkable.  They had a strong faith that the boys had gone to a better place and that they would see them again.

My reaction to these tragedies is expressed in Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices by the character Brent Watkins.

Finally, while it's something I've not experienced personally, stories have been related to me of individuals from the other side contacting loved ones on earth.  While these stories are too sacred to repeat in specific detail, I have tried to capture their essence in a fictional setting. 

I truly do believe that there are rare, special times when those who have passed on can contact people on earth.  And for me, just believing this is enough to bring me comfort.